Monday, May 4, 2009

Ok, I know that there has been a huge brouhaha over I *could* very easily post their official press release and smile and nod my head.


I have a conscience. I can't do that.

What I can do is give you my honest opinion.

I like the site, for the most part. It's clean, simple to use, fun to add links, fun to watch your added things get votes.

What I don't like is that some of my posted things refuse to show pictures, even though the listing has a picture. I've tried to show it off twice, and it just flat refuses to show a picture.

That is just a minor thing though. My biggest beef is one which is echoed by my friends and fellow ArtFire artisans.

The downvotes.

I will grant you that some of the downvotes may simply be because the voter truly does not like the product.

I don't think that is the case all of the time, though.

It affects mainly people in the jewelry category, but I've recently seen it take a dip into novelty and housewares.

It seems that ArtFire links are being singled out and downvoted by a LOT of people.

This truly saddens me. Not for the artisans, not for the products themselves (some of which are truly genius and works of art), but for the people targeting ArtFire links and downvoting them.

It could be two things.

One, is that it could be a competitor, trying to make their product look better.
Two, it could be someone from another venue trying to smear ArtFire.

These people never leave critisim. Ever. They just downvote and slink off.

They need to know that their own karma will drop, and their votes won't count anymore.

Secondly, they need to know that I feel sorry for them. Do they think their own work is so inferior that they must downgrade someone else's work just to make themselves feel better? Are they trying to make a point about ArtFire?

I'm not a big fan of other sites, especially the ones that charge listing fees, that's why I'm on ArtFire to begin with, but seriously. I don't go around downvoting 1000markets listings or etsy listings.

If I don't like what they show, I just move on. It is better for me, and better for the lister to keep my mouth shut. If I have knowledge that may benefit them, I leave a help them improve.

I don't downvote.

In closing, I want to let the downvoters know that I truly feel sorry for them, and want to help them enjoy what they have to offer the handmade community. If there is anything I could do to improve their self esteem, I would.

They don't anger me, they sadden me. I wish I could hug them to brighten their day, so they can see the bright side of handmade, even if it comes from a venue they don't like.

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HaffinaCreations said...

Well said! I agree with you 100%

Ninja Jenn™ said...

well said!

it saddens me too that these people clearly have nothing better to do than carry out there petty little games


UBK said...

Before you fly off at the handle and try to flame me out of existance, remember a few things.

1. I'm wearing asbestos underwear. Your words will not hurt me.

2. A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

3. Don't shit where you eat.

By posting rude, hateful, ignorant comments to this blog, we will know who the downvoters are.

You may not want us to know who you are, so if you are a downvoter and feel the need to show your ass to the world by posting here, there will be reprocussions elsewhere.

Jus' sayin'.

James~ClosetCreature said...

Good Blog Karlee, I have not placed one down vote that I'm aware of, but i have seen some items that I have posted get down votes on great works of art. I could see a down vote for something that was really bad and you don't ever want to see it again, but to just do it seems petty, which is what I think is going on. But that's my honest opinion. Glad I'm not the only seeming to be singled out! Also letting them know that it will affect their Karma is a must. Eventually their votes will not count at all. I practice the Give good marks to what you like, and leave the rest alone!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Karlee, I dont downvote either. If there is something you dont like just skip it, there is no reason to be rude. We are all creators in some way or another, we all work hard on what we create. Sooooo if u do like something let that person know & give them a heart and comment. I think that this is wonderful place to view so many creations, and see wonderful people working hard to create them!

¤~∙3zArt∙~¤ said...

Good post and yes sadly there are anti-Artfire trolls lurking on VH. See We just have to hope that the positive outweighs the negative, as there will always be people around with nothing better to do than to try and make others feel bad.

-AJ, 3zArt

Anonymous said...

Just because we have made something does not necessarily make it wonderful. The first piece one makes probably is not nearly as good as the 1000 piece. Not everyones talent is the same.

I vote both up and down. If I like a piece a grat deal, or if I think a piece is very well executed, I vote it up. If I think it is poorly executed, I vote it down. If it's a middle of the road thing, I leave it alone as far as votes go. My votes up or down have absolutely nothing to do with what originating site the piece originated.

I comment frequently, both postive and semi-negative. By semi-negative, I comment when I think I might be able to offer something constructive, such as photo quality. The truly unexceptional I just leave alone.

I list at least 10 pieces of others work for each of my own. I call this Pay-it-forward. I think that it's also a great way to see what others are doing and take the time to appreciate and share it with others.

I'm not overly concerned if my pieces are voted down. I'm not trying to win any popularity contests. This site is what it is, and frankly, I'm find in fun, entertaining and I've seen a variety of items that were well worth my time that I would not have otherwise seen.

UBK said...

"My votes up or down have absolutely nothing to do with what originating site the piece originated. "

...and THIS is how it SHOULD be.

But isn't.

Thank you for leaving your method and thoughts, I wish everyone was as thoughtful when voting, but sadly, there is some TRULY outstanding work posted to votehandmade that gets voted down...and one is left with the presumtion that it was because of venue, and not craftsmanship.

MNH Photography said...

Agreed 100%. And it's now affecting non Artfire items as well. It's sad and childish and hateful. I don't know why there are some that find this an acceptable way to act.

BAKidagain said...

The downvoters should know:
Be careful of the toes you step on today for they may be attached to the butt you will have to kiss tomorrow.

Yes, I'm saddened as well and volunteer with hugging them.

Auroras_Garden said...

I wonder why they made it possible to downvote anyways didnt they know there would be haterz out there trying to be nasty? I would never downvote anything, either I vote positive or I move on, I try to leave positive comments when I can and basically try to be a ray of sunshine on votehandmade...its shame others cant do that too, they are hurting themselves in the end by being hateful to their fellow craftspeople.Everyone should just play nice, and be kind. Love will come back to you if you send it out!

gemkitty75 said...

I had no idea this was happening! I have posted my jewelry there and just assumed I had no votes. This is sad and you made some excellent points!

Anonymous said...

If you don't like something, leave it alone and only vote for the items that you truly like. I'd like to see downvoting eliminated.

libertydoll said...

It saddens me to think that someone goes around voting down af items. I agree take away the down voting or if you are found voting down items from just one site take away their voting privilages or something.

Anonymous said...

How sad...Artists create from their heart,mind and hand,so WHY would a fellow artist discourage anothers' creative endeavor by downvoting their work??? They are not using their heart to feel the other artist's pain. They are not using their mind to understand the other person's feelings about being downvoted. BUT, using their hand to create doubt,hurt feelings,anger and chaos among artists for their own enjoyment.
How sad they have nothing better to's a critique...get back to your own work and invest your time in an artistic way.

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to stay away from the site ...some people might go and vote up Artfire items now just to prove a point and that won't help either.
I think a strike is more in order..I don't really see the point of the site's more like a game instead of a promotional tool.

I only voted up because every item is made with love ..
but I'm out ..I'm on strike until it becomes something that I see as an advantage...right now it's a waste of time

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't rush off so quickly. This morning I say a bracelet at Votehandmade, which I went back and looked at a couple times, and purchased just a little while ago. I wouldn't have seen the bracelet if it hadn't been listed at VoteHandMade as I do not routinely look at jewelry on either Artfire or Etsy.


UBK said...

CTStudios - I appreciate your opinion, but please don't come on to *my* blog and try to tell people what to do or how to do it.

I understand you have strong feelings for this, but so do other people.

We are ALL (you included) entitled to our own opinions on this matter, but I would *really* appreciate it if you would leave the bossiness at the door.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that jenny ann is vicious! what a douche!