Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kickinskreations - delicious candles

Kickinskreations has soome truly unreal candles. I don't know how she does it, but they look like REAL food. I leave her shop with a growling tummy, every time I visit.

Her ArtFire shop is usually my first stop.

That "cherry pie" is a candle. Looks like a real cherry pie to me! This makes me want pie, for breakfast.

She also makes soap. I would show you a picture of the soap I bought for my husband, but some might be offended. I will, however, show you her "Kiss my butt..." soap.

She has been crafting (although in my personal opinion this is more art) since January of 2008, and I once heard her say that her son is her biggest inspiration.

I have to wonder...did her son inspire her fantastic cola candle???

If he is anything like my kids, maybe it inspired her margarita candle!

Her favorite color is blue, and I love the vivid blue of the blueberry candle!

She has an impressive presence on the web, and these are all the places I've found her.
Make sure to follow her on Twitter!

Her candles would make a great conversation piece (and they smell really great!!) for your next gathering! Take a look!

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