Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sometimes you just HAVE to...

Sometimes you just have to make time for yourself. I'm guilty of not taking time out for me.

I work a 40 hour week job, and come home and work on my sewing or my beads. This morning before work, I found myself catching up on emails and plurks I'd missed the last couple days, while sanding beads. I rarely - if ever - take time for me. Sometimes my sewing counts, but I've been getting restless lately. I think its the weather, but at any rate...its time for Me Time.

While I was at work I did some thinking. I had a few dollars in my pocket from my mom for my Mother's Day present, with the instruction to use it on something for me. Well, I'm not good at buying things for me, so I decided to go get more clay.

While I was there (and the clay was 50% off) I found this neat 7 piece set of clay tools that has a long, flat razor that I need to do the mica shift. It was $15.99, but I got it anyway.

Today is such a pretty day...high 70's, light breeze, sun is shining...and I realized that I miss my horse. I'm going to put off ALL my crafty intentions for the evening, and make the (short) drive out to see her and at least get her brushed. I'm sure her heavy winter coat is shedding by now, and she always appreciates a good brushing.

My mom picks up the kids on Wednesday nights and takes them to dinner and then to the park, so I've got a few hours until I need to go get them, and some "horse therapy" is just what the dr ordered for today.

Tomorrow I'll be back on the sewing and claying...but today, its all about me!

2 Unique comments:

HaffinaCreations said...

Good on you!

UBK said...

Now I'm home...had a good visit. Got most of her mane brushed out, and she gave me the "bitch, PLEASE" look when I told her she was fat.

Saw the horse guru when I was out there, he is going to help me work with her saturday keep your fingers crossed.

I'm going to sit here and smell like horse for a little longer...I'm not sick of it yet. I will take a shower later though, because the horse hair will start to itch before too long!