Saturday, May 2, 2009

Suzanne Tate - Bead Artist

Suzanne has this to say about her beads:

I make handmade, lampworked glass beads, and jewelry from my beads. I have been making glass beads for about 6 years. I love working with molten glass and a flame – it’s quite addictive. I love trying to master new techniques and skills and I change styles frequently, trying new things. I am also involved with medieval re-creation, and I research and recreate period beads.

I'll let her art say the rest!

(As always, click the picture to visit the listing!)

This red necklace really is RICH (and I love it):

My mom's favorite color is orange, and I may just have to save up and get this for her:

These spring beads make me think of new grass:

Isn't her work just incredible?

I have a confession to make. I'm a lampwork junkie, and glass bead addict. I also have a secret obsession with cell phone charms. I feel the need to break my own "promotion rules" and post one extra picture, only because its a phone charm and its blue (my favorite color).

You can find Suzanne by clicking the following links (and I hope you do!)
Etsy Shop
ArtFire Studio
Her fabulous website
Look! Her blog!
Follow her on twitter!

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