Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shine Your Hiney!!!

We all bathe (hopefully) daily. We all (hopefully) use soap. Lots of us use lotion.

I shower daily. I use soap daily. I use horrendous amounts of lotion, daily.

You see, I'm a seamstress, and I sew a LOT of vinyl. I sewed 3 tarps, a custom tarp, and two mesh tarps today. I used well over 200 feet of cargo webbing (really really hard on your skin) and probably better than 50 feet of sub-grade seat belt webbing (the stuff in your cars, only not quite as high of a grade...we use it in hems).

That is a normal day for me. If anything rips my hands to shreds its the mesh and the cargo webbing. My hands are rough and calloused. They are dry and slightly wrinkly (because of the excessive dryness), and if they don't look like I'm 90 years old, they look masculine. My nails are dry and brittle, at best. I normally can't get them to shine like healthy nails should, and I have a really hard time growing them to a "pretty" length.

I had asked on the ArtFire forums about thick lotion that wasn't greasy.

I have problems with lotions. If it isn't greasy, it isn't thick, and won't do me any good at all. If it's thick and moisturizing, I might as well be trying to pick up a greased piglet when I pick up a tarp. Ever pick up a greased piglet? No? Ok, ever watch someone try? It is nearly impossible to pick one of them up because they are wiggly, squealy, and...greased.

The tarp slips out of my hands and I have to go wash the lotion off to get any decent work done. I'd say that defeats the purpose of the lotion...wouldn't you?

Someone answered my call for thick and not-greasy lotion and sent me a free sample.

She also threw in a bar of goats milk soap.

I tried the lotion right there on the spot. My hands went from alligator to silk in .025 seconds, and STAYED that way. I had no problems picking up a tarp. I didn't leave greasy smears on it either. It didn't wash off. I also smelled like lilac. Not bottled lilac...lilac. Like grammy's bush in the back yard when I was a kid. Real lilac.

So I get home and deal with family related stuff, and finally get my chance in the shower...and tried the soap.

Now, I've never had goats milk soap before, so the texture was surprising at first. It felt soft. Not like squishy soft, but silky soft.

I got an impressive lather, and when it washed off, I didn't feel like I had a film sticking to me like when I use my other soaps. I decided to try it on my face too. I have bad acne and I'm really fighting it...use Neutragena soap, salitic acid astringent, and benzoyl peroxide. The works. Dries the acne up, but also my skin. After using the goats milk soap, my face felt cleaner than it ever has with the concoction I normally use...without feeling dried out and stretched.

I couldn't resist putting some of the lotion on my face too, and it feels more moisturized than it has in years.

I'm hooked.

So where can you get some of this fabulous stuff?


She is awesome. Super nice, and very proud of her product. She also has a list of scents as long as my arm, and will mix & match up to three, just for you.

I'm going to be a snob with my lotion tomorrow at work...I'm not sharing. Get yer own!

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