Thursday, February 26, 2009


BBQ season is nearly upon us, I know that my husband and I are eagerly awaiting the perfect spring day to break out the grill!

Because of this, I will be focusing on aprons for a while. I have three unfinished as we speak, and I will probably make a run to the fabric store for more fabric today.

Have you seen my Flames Dog Vest? I'm going to get more of that fabric for aprons! My husband put in a request for a "flames apron" and so I'm going to make two. One for him, one for ArtFire!

Do you have a specific request for an apron? I would LOVE to hear from you!

I can do different sizes, a more feminine pattern for the ladies, different fabrics, the sky is the limit!

I won't consider these to be "customs" and won't require a 50% down payment on aprons. Prices start at $22.50. You can further customize by adding words or phrases to your apron. There will be a single upcharge of $2 for this. Your phrase will be carefully stenciled on your apron with contrasting fabric paint (have a specific color in mind? Just ask!).

To request a specific apron contact me on ArtFire, comment here, or shoot me an email ( Once it is finished, I will email you and let you know your listing is up so you can purchase!

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