Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Grande Experiment

If I can get even one set of these beads to do what I want it to do, by whatever method, I'll post the detailed instructions.

That said, I've made a big mess. I've been making some fabric beads, using three different types of glue.

The first two sets were cut differently, and glued with your regular run of the mill white glue, slightly watered down. Once they are completely dried, I will find a way to coat, or at least lightly saturate, them with polyurethane. I have high gloss right now, but if it works, I'll be buying small cans of semi gloss and matte/flat. The polyurethane is so they don't fall apart if you happen to get them wet.

These next four were done with Gem Tack by Beacon. They were slightly less messy than the white glue, and this glue was designed to add individual rhinestones to your things. It is not meant to be drycleaned, but from what I gather, won't fall apart when you wash it or get it wet.

This last set was glued with Dazzle Tack, also by Beacon. Ohmygosh what a mess. The glue is clear and slightly runny, and seems to dry really quick. The upside is that if it's going to stick to my fingers like that, hopefully it will stick the fabric together.

Again, not for drycleaning, but I'm fairly sure that no one sends their jewelry to the cleaners on a regular basis.

More updates to follow when I'm done watching glue dry! ;-)

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