Saturday, September 5, 2009

Project Wonderful

My PW boxes are up and running on the website. I'm seeng a little bit of interest, but would like to see more.

There are three types of boxes. Two of them are 125x125 box ads, and the other is a small banner. The ad boxes appear on the most popular pages of the Unique by Karlee site, and two of the ad boxes appear on more than one page to maximize your exposure.

Ad space starts at $0.01/day/USD, and if I manually approve you once, you are automatically approved any time you wish to advertise.

Preference is given to other handmade artisans who sell on ArtFire, Etsy, 1000Markets, etc. I do NOT accept get-rich-quick games (I denied and blocked one of those already), weight loss pills (I've tried a number of them myself, and they don't work), teeth whitening, home refinancing, etc.

My goal is to help further the handmade movement. I am not so desperate for pennies that I accept any ad that comes along, and will be clicking links to see the website that wants to advertise.

I accept animated ads, text ads, and static image ads. If you are interested in advertising with PW and are not graphically inclined, I can design you a static ad for $1, or an animated ad for $2, or reccomend quite a few fabulous digital artists on ArtFire. Sign up with PW is free, advertising isn't.

If you have questions, comments, or want to join the UBK mailing list, please use the form to your right.

Have a fabulous day!!

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