Saturday, September 5, 2009

Facebook Contest!

I want to get as many fans as I can, and get the word out about my Coffee Coozies!

Use the link to your right to see my facebook page! ---------------->

Grand Prize: Two coozies of your choice! If I don't have one you like already made, please visit my fabric pages to pick yours!

How it works:

Refer people on your facebook friends list.
Either have them post on my wall "_____ referred me!"
You post who you referred and who fanned me.

Person with the highest number of referrals by 1 October, gets two coozies of their choice.

If they (and/or you) have your own fan page, PLEASE link it so I can fan you back.

If you become a fan without a referral, it still counts, and just post that you were referred by my blog.

Winner (or winners in the event of a tie) will be notified through facebook. I will need a mailiing address so I can mail your coozies. I will ship internationally and to P.O. boxes.

Happy spamming!

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