Sunday, July 26, 2009

Help me decide!

I love getting input from other people with regards to my products. My favorite guinea pig (so to speak) is my mother. She loves all the free goodies she gets, and (as mothers are by nature) is extremely blunt with her reviews.

Once a product has passed her critique and has recieved a grade of "B" or better (gotta love teachers! You can take her from the classroom, but you can't take the gradebook from her), they either start getting produced for sale, or I turn to you, my buyers.

So here we are, at an impasse. I have decided to make magnets from my polymer clay instead of beads, but I'm a little stuck on where to go with the sewing.

I beg forgiveness, I haven't taken any pictures of these, and my mom's computer is on the fritz again, and her camera doesn't seem to like my computer. I imagine that somewhere in my next posts I will have taken pictures. In the mean time, please use your imagination.

While you are using your imagination, please take a few minutes to vote in the poll. You may select more than one option. I also encourage you to leave a comment (you may do so anonymously).

I am going to be starting a mailing list soon for Unique By Karlee, and until I can find code I like, you will need to email me at karlee (at) uniquebykarlee (dot) com and tell me you want on the list. I plan on sending out mailings once a week highlighting sales and new products. (Please also tell me if you want it in HTML format or plain text with links)

Thanks for helping!!

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