Saturday, June 26, 2010

Coffee Coozies

I get a lot of questions about the coffee coozie, and I decided to answer the most common ones here.

1. What is it?
It is a handy little doo-dad that wraps around your favorite coffee mug. How many times have you reached in your microwave for a hot, steaming cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and burned your fingers? I did it one too many times, and thus the Coffee Coozie was born.

2. How does it work? Won't I get a mouthful of fabric instead of a mouthful of my beverage?
Not if you put it on your cup, properly.

If you lay your Coffee Coozie flat on the table or counter, you will notice the tabs are slightly closer to one side than the other. This is the "top" of your Coffee Coozie.

If you look carefully under the handle, you will see how the tabs are slightly closer to the top than the bottom.

You want to fasten the tabs under the handle for maximum effect for both coverage for your hands as well as showing off your own personal style.

The tabs are thin enough that it should not hinder your ability to use the handle of your mug if you prefer.

3. I like to hold a hot cup of coffee in the winter to warm my hands, will the Coffee Coozie stop all the heat?
No. The Coffee Coozie still allows heat to get through, it just prevents you from burning your hands.

4. Won't it slip off?
Not if you have it pulled taut around your cup. If it is loose, it may slip, but the way it is designed it can be pulled tightly around your cup so it will not slip off. I use industrial hook and loop tape for maximum grip, as well as put two small ribbons of grippy stuff on the back so it won't slide off when you are holding it.

5. I've seen similar things to me about them.
They are poor imitations. They are also stealing my copyrighted pattern and changing it just enough so they think they are getting around the copyright infringement laws. If I thought they were a threat, I would pursue legal action, however, I can't be bothered. It won't take people long to find the superior product.

Those knockoffs do not have the rounded corners that mine have, and from the pictures I've seen, are more of a hassle than a help.

6. So what do I do when I get my Coffee Coozie dirty?
I'm a messy coffee drinker too, especially at 5 in the morning, blurry eyed, and doing good to make sure I add the grounds to the hot water to get my coffee. Spills happen.

Put your Coffee Coozie in your washer. Wash it like you would anything else, but do not add bleach. They are *not* to be bleached. Ever. You've been warned, don't try to sue me for it. Do not bleach.

After your Coffee Coozie has made a trip through your washer, toss it in the dryer. No need to air dry flat unless you want to. (This is why it is a good idea to buy more than one!)

7. Okay, I want some now. Where can I get them?
You can purchase them from I am currently building stock for an upcoming craft fair and do not have many listed on my ArtFire site. I do, however, have plenty to go around. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact me there, leave a comment here, or email me at karlee (at) uniquebykarlee (dot) com with your request.

I am more than happy to show you my collection of fabrics as well as make you a single coozie (no minimum purchase required) to get your collection started.

They make great gifts for the coffee, tea, and hot chocolate drinkers in your life, and at $5, won't break the bank. Remember: if you buy four, you get one free!

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