Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ongoing bead sale!

Good morning followers!

I've been having a bead sale, and it will continue until my stock is completely sold out. I am continuing to add new beads to my studio, including some bead sets.

All beads are made from polymer clay which has been oven baked. Most have been sanded and finished with Future floor wax. There are a few exceptions which have been left "raw" for the sake of asthetics. Sanding is a catch 22 at times, you never know what you are going to wind up with after you sand. Sometimes I will get a bead that is so striking without being sanded that I leave it the way it is.

Here are a few of the remaining beads. They are all buy one get one at equal or lesser value free, and in some cases, it can be quite a steal!

11 piece bead set - $7.00 + shipping:

Red hat colors, 3 bead set - $2.00 + shipping:

Large Lavendar and Blue Pearl heart - $3.00 + shipping:

Small red and pink marbled bead - $1.00 + shipping:

Green polymer clay bead set - $1.00 + shipping:

Layered butterfly pendant - $4.00 + shipping:

Large lavendar and blue pearl marble pendant - $3.00 + shipping:

I will get the rest of the beads listed in my ArtFire studio today, and get another blog post up for you to see.

Happy shopping!

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