Thursday, April 9, 2009

Made the move!

I sincerely apologize that it took me so long to post this after getting my internet back, but I'm having issues finding important things like trash bags, dishes, toilet paper, clean socks...moving is really for the birds!

I know I promised pics of the new house, but my landlord has asked me to refrain, due to the fact that a lawsuit is pending.

We took possession of the house a day and a half later than we were supposed to, because the current tenant was taking her texas time getting out.

Once we got in...we saw the extent of the damage. It makes me almost sick to think of it, but the landlord is doing his best to make the repairs (quickly) while we attempt to get unpacked and settled in.

As I type this, my china hutch is in the middle of the living room floor, behind me. My kitchen is scattered between the living room, dining room, garage, kitchen, and at least one bedroom. As much as I appreciate the help I had getting my things moved, they completely ignored the labels on the boxes, and just put stuff willy-nilly throughout.

As soon as I find all my fabric, sewing notions, and cord for my sewing machine, I'll be back to work and back in business on ArtFire.

Thank you to Alisun and Larry for being so patient with me while I unearth their coozies from this disaster. I *will* be finding them tonight before bed. Alisun's will get shipped tomorrow and Larry's will be listed so he can buy them!

Back to unpacking!

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