Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Harvey and Harveyette

Harvey is a stuffed dachshund I made from a pattern online. He became a necessity when I realized my dog, Ripley, hated cameras. I needed a dog, and sometimes a dachshund, to model my dog clothes.

Not only do the dog clothes not fit humans, I'd look a little silly trying.

This is Harvey modeling my favorite dog vest:

I have more pics of Harvey in a variety of clothes and poses, but you get the idea.

He is made from white muslin, to kind of blend into the white background I use. I didn't want anything that would detract from the clothes I make.

I showed off my new pics of Harvey wearing his clothes, and someone on the ArtFire forums noticed. Boy howdy did they notice, they wanted one.

Well, I tried my best to make one out of flannel backed satin, but I discovered that stuff is a veritable nightmare to work with. The three Harveys I made from it, exploded when I went to stuff them.

I was sincerely hoping that my Harvey wasn't a one time fluke. I gathered my wits, dried my tears, and went searching through my stash to find something else suitable.

A few weeks ago, I was at Wal-Mart, and found some pink fun fur in their remnant bin. It was well more than a yard, and I knew that I'd find a use for it, eventually. Well, the time had come, and I decided to try a Harvey out of the pink fun fur.

Not only did Harvey-ette come to life, but she is just adorable!

Somehow I managed to get her head to turn just a little to the left. Don't ask me how I did it, I think that is just something she wanted to do.

Mind you, she is much cuter in person.

My kids were highly distressed to find that Harvey-ette was going to live with another family. They loved her so much that the youngest of my two had a MAJOR meltdown when I told her that Harveyette wasn't for her.

Harvey-ette went to go live with her new family yesterday, and the reaction at the post office was priceless.

I had a couple things to mail, and walked in with Harveyette tucked under one arm, because I wasn't sure what box I needed to send her to North Carolina. I got one of the packages mailed and the guy at the counter eyed the pink stuffed dog and said "Do I want to ask about the dog?"

So I plopped Harveyette on the counter and said "I want to mail her." We had a discussion about boxes, and he pointed me in the right direction.

While I was addressing the box and putting it together, I had more than a few comments on her.

"You're going to make a little girl very happy with that!"
"Where did you get that? I've never seen anything like that before!"
"Where can I get one?"

I handed out the ONE extra business card I had, and wrote down my arftire address for 3 others.

That'll teach me to not have business cards with me at the post office.

Anyway, I got her safely tucked in the box, and went back to the counter. I went to a different window, and the first guy looked at the one helping me and said "You should see whats in that box! Its a stuffed pink weiner dog!"

They had a good giggle, and the 2nd guy suggested that when I mail more, I should wait to seal up the box so everyone can see what I'm sending.

One of the girls I work with saw Harveyette when we were getting off work...she wants one for her daughter. My kids want their own, and now my best friend wants one too.

I want to make more to put in my ArtFire shop because the two I've made so far have been such a hit.

I'll have to wait for a couple weeks though, but I'll get them up.

If you want to order a custom, feel free. Be aware there is a little bit of a waiting list though.

Harveys made from regular fleece or cotton fabric are $30 plus $4.95 shipping.
Harveys made from fun fur are $50 plus $4.95 shipping (fun fur is waaaaaayyyyyy more expensive than regular fabric)

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