Friday, February 20, 2009

Free Promotions!

I am offering free promotion for members of ArtFire, Etsy, and anyone else struggling to make a sale of handmade goods.

Free. Only takes a little bit of your time, no money involved.

Here are the rules:

  1. PG sites ONLY. This means no porn. Period. Adult content not allowed.
  2. I will link to places where you make it yourself and sell it. ArtFire, Etsy, and the like. Ebay frightens me, but I'll link your eBay shop as long as you follow the PG rule . Blogs are a "yes" if they are PG. Why? Because you never know what 10 year old kid is going shopping online with dad for the perfect mother's day gift. What do you want YOUR 10 year old reading? ;) See my point?

Ok, here's how:

  1. Either tell me where I can "take" the banner from, or email it to me in .jpg form ( ArtFire size and Etsy size banners are perfect! If you have no banner and aren't the "make it with pixels" type, let me know. Between the two of us, I can create one for you, and send you a copy to use wherever. Oh, and I won't charge you for that either. I <3>
  2. Give me the link. Or links, plural. If you have more than one link, send me an additional banner (preferably slightly different so people can see the difference). Need an extra banner for more than one link? See above.

What I'm asking in return:

  1. Link me back. I have two different size banners, one is my ArtFire banner, the other is my ArtFire avatar. Tell me which one you need, and I'll send it to you as well as the link.

That's it. You don't have to send me money or buy something from me or offer a burnt offering (I'm not a god so all you'd do is stink up your house with it anyway =P ). Just link me back, its all I ask.

Send it to or contact me through ArtFire!

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